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    So I have setup my free account. I have tried to set everything up according to this link

    I have a Sprint Treo 700wx. I want to set up the push button mail feature according to the guide but I am missing the "when new items arrive" feature that allows me to have it so that it'll text my treo when new mail arrives. Am I doing something wrong? Is it located somewhere else? Please help
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    Try this tutorial...,mail2web.html

    Worked for me.
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    I just checked the guide you sent. For step 6:

    "6. Click finish, now go to menu/schedule/ in the peak and off peak boxes select as items arrive, now set the other setting to how you want. "

    Does it actually only sync once email arrives?

    That's where I am currently suck because according to a guide I checked elsewhere, there should be an option under the "schedule" section that allows you to input you sms location so that it'll send you a sms when new email arrives.
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    Problem solved. I guess i was using an outdated guide because there is no need for sms. I just tried it and my phone notifies me right away when mail arrives. awsome!

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