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    Our company uses Verizon here in the states but sends people overseas quite a bit. Right now the travelers are using some unlocked t600s and a few other phones.

    My question is what are practical differences between the T750v (unlocked) $700 and a T680 (unlocked) $400.
    Im aware of the OS differences and the 3G vs Edge, but is that it really?

    edit. I found that the resolution is better on the 680.

    Any thoughts on this would be very helpful.
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    The single biggest difference is that the 680 is PalmOS and the 750 is Windows Mobile 5. If your people are used to PalmOS then you probably would want to stick to the 680, which is officially available unlocked, unlike the 750 at this time.

    The OS difference is so large that it swamps everything else, really. For your needs, 680s or even 650s should be fine.
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    Another difference, 750 uses miniSD and the 680 uses full size SD. You can also use a miniSD wifi card on the 750, nothing wifi works on the 680. You covered the rest of the major differences, I'd say.
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    welp guess weve decided on the 680s, most of the traveling is to poorly developed countries, where its doubtful they will have 3g anyhow. They usually have gprs or edge but 3g not yet. And at 2x the price doesnt seem worth today.
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    why not get 1 of each, and let your people try them out. Then they can decide which are better. You might want to give a different phone to different people.

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