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    When launching iGuidance iNav 3.0, there is a delay of about 2-3 minutes before the program actually starts (even when switching between apps). I have a Cingular Treo 750.

    Anyone have a similar issue
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    I had this problem too. I found that the more maps you have loaded, the longer it takes to start the app. When I had about eight states loaded it would take up to 7-8 minutes before the app would load. When I dropped it back to just my current city with a 150-mile radius, the app starts within seconds.

    I guess this just a drawback of the app. It must read all of the maps upon loading. Hope this helps.
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    Very odd. I've used iGuidance for a few years on different PDAs. I currently use v 3.01 on my 700Wx. (Installed to SD card.) I have the maps for New England and NY and NJ installed, too.
    My iGuidance takes about 10 seconds to load at most.
    Don't imagine there's much difference between the 750 and the 700Wx in this regard?
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    Did you resolve this issue? I've just started having this problem.
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    OK-found out it is an admitted bug by iNav.

    Workaround: Turn off GPRS (hold down red phone button), then start iNav.It should start normally. You may then reenable GPRS.
    Various phones + Pocket PC's + Treo 650 (that's been through hell and back) -->Treo 750w

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