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    I have had 5 Treo 700wx devices. All of them except for my recent one have had the square Samsung battery. on my latest one that I purchased in February, it came with a battery from Sanyo that has a rounded edge. I don't notice any more runtime or stuff like that, the battery is just different looking. Anyone else get this battery with their devices?
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    Just ordered one yesterday, I'll let you know when I get it what the new battery looks like in it.

    Why have you had 5?
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    My last 700WX also had this different battery.
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    Hows your battery life been?
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    You know, it may just be my perception, but it seems better. With previous devices I had battery and charging problems, like the device not charging fully in 5 hours+. I reaaly don't think that there is any difference in operation, like I said it is more my perception, who knows.

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