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    What is the best Exchange solution for the 750 that will periodically collect my AOL mail (since I can't forward it) and allow me to send e-mail as if it is from my AOL account. I want to keep my AOL address. Thanks.
  2. #2 works for this. A quick blurb on the 4smartphone site....

    We PULL your email from your existing account

    Our servers can pull your new email automatically from your existing POP3 email account and place it in your 4SmartPhone mailbox. Simply fill-up the information below, using the same information that you used to setup your mail client (Outlook, Eudora, …). This will work with any standard POP3 account, as well as with web-based only accounts from Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL (for those, simply type Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL respectively as the “Incoming mail server”). Gmail users MUST use option 1, forwarding.
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    I'm just looking into this, but the way i understand it, 4SmartPhone can draw from different accounts, but when you reply, the reply will come only from your main account, not the accounts you are responding to.

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