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    No. There is no media player that I am aware of where you can turn off the device and the player still plays. The screensaver program will turn off the screen and lock the keyboard. That helps even if you are not using A2DP.
    That kind of sucks :-(
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    Quote Originally Posted by ion++ View Post
    That kind of sucks :-(
    No it doesn't. Not if you install the screen saver app. Now I love using the Treo as my everyday Media player - along with PocketPlayer.
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    Me too
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    I am using Mortplayer with my Treo750. I am able to turn my screen off and lock the keys when using A2DP. I programme the up buttons in Mortplayer to "toggle screen" and set the "Up" button to unlock the screen when required.

    When using A2DP, I have to double press the "UP" button to unlock the screen. There is also a timeout preference to shut the screen after a preset time. All in all, mortplayer works beautifully for me!
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