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    Has anyone else experienced this?

    If I turn my Treo off ( wireless off ) for an hour or more when I turn it back on by holding the power key I get the Hello from Cingular but it does not connect to the network. I have to do a soft reset and it will then connect by holding down the same power button.

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and if they determined what the cause might be. Here is what I am running 3rd party wise:

    World Mate Pro
    Pocket Informant Calendar
    SPB Time
    Spectec Wifi Mini SD
    Resco Explorer
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    I've seen that on a 750v that I returned. I would do it even after a hard reset. I think it's a hardware defect, I've never seen it on the 750v that I have in over 3 months. Seems like a few do this. I would get it exchanged if I were you.
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    Yes, mine occasionally has that problem, but it's rare enough that it hasn't annoyed me to the point of exchanging it yet.
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    I had it off all night and it came back to life with no problem today. I think if I turn it on and give it a few seconds and then activate the radio that might be the key. Not bad enough an annoyance to exchange yet.
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    Well it required a soft reset this morning and it seems like enabling the BT has a significant delay. Both things that I did not notice in my original Treo 750. Looks like it is going back to the store today.

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