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    I've installed quite a bit of software lately (including wisbar advance) and things have not been exactly normal since. Trying to avoid a hard reset, but this one thing has stumped me so far.

    When I press volume up or down on the side keys it gives me my battery charge percentage. I have no volume control over anything any longer. I currently have pocketplus installed, and had wisbar advance on too like i said....i dont remember setting anything to change the volume keys. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Pocketplus is the problem - it is a known bug.

    They have a solution that can be downloaded from the forum on their website or you could try later beta versions which are supposedly fixed.
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    You know, I had the same thing happened when I was trying out the SPB Mobile Shell. The only way I found to restore the problem volume controls was to do a hard reset on my Palm Treo 750 and than reinstall everything (except SPB Mobile Shell). I have reported this to SPB but haven't had a reply from them.

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    Check this link, there is an included zip file with the volume fix you need. I installed it, and no problems afterward!
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    awesome! Thanks so much for the help. gonna go give it a shot right now!

    It works. Thanks again
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