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    Okay folks,

    If this has been posted before, please forgive, but I believe it deserves another post nonetheless.... I have had, as many of you have, the disconnect issues on Bluetooth devices. I have also had many problems with compatibility between BT devices. The fix that many of you have posted about corrected only half the issues OR made the problems less severe, but they were still there... I have now had 48 hours of NO BLUETOOTH DISCONNECTS to my primary devices and wanted to share with you, what the corrections are:

    1) Install the Jetwaremobile Bluetooth extensions new 1.XX BETA!!!!! This seems to correct the incompatibility with many of the devices (
    2) Use a power adaptor for vehicles while in the vehicle
    3) Turn off power management (i.e., the timeout to shutoff the device when EXTERNALLY/AC powered - if you do the same on battery, it will solve your problems while also on battery, but you'll have like 60 minutes of useable phone/PDA life :-(( )
    4) Connect the unit to the power adaptor in the car

    With this combination of things it has completely eliminated my problems with the following:

    1) Lexus GS300 in-car HFS - I now even get signal display, type of signal (digital, etc.) and I can transfer phonebook items correctly with NO DISCONNECTS!!! I made a 3 hour drive yesterday, made at least 20 calls, some were short and many were 10-15 minutes between calls, received incoming calls, etc., still no disconnect from the in-car system.
    2) My Home phone system which supports BT - the Uniden ELBT-595

    It does NOT completely correct (but I haven't completely tested it), my headset disconnect issues while on battery. It is also important to note that, for whatever reason, while on battery (haven't tested while on AC yet), if you use the "red power/end button" on the phone, it will accellerate the disconnect issue for BT devices. If you let the unit powercycle itself, without pressing that button to turn off the screen, your BT problems are severely reduced even without the fixes listed above.

    Hope this helps and simplifies folks searching for ways to alleviate, at least partially, the BT problems on the 700W/WX series phones.

    Lee Ladisky
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    I knew there was a new treo nobody would tell me about. Jerks!
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    The problem I have seen with the Acura HFL is that if the 700wx goes into sleep mode that it does not wake properly when receiving a call. If the phone is turned "on" then the bluetooth seems to work properly.

    The fix you mentioned (powering the phone via the battery and disabling power management) keeps the phone "on" and therefore fixes the problem as well.

    I wrote a MortScript to try and fix the problem, but it does not actually reset the Idle timer and therefore the phone turns off. Maybe someone else has tried to implement a similar fix successfully.

    #Test bluetooth active
    While (RegRead("HKLM","System\State\Hardware","Bluetooth") > 8)

    #Test handsfree connected
    while (RegRead("HKLM","System\State\Hardware","Handsfree") = 1)

    #Reset the idle timer to avoid power off


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    This has continued to work for me folks, the key is to ensure you use Jetware and the powersaving feature changes.

    Lee Ladisky

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