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    i can not receive any sms messages on my 700wx (sprint). I can send fine to other carriers, but if anybody sends to me i never get it (i do get it if i send from though). Ive been goin back and forth with sprint for 4 days, they are lost over there. I tried hard booting, the tech tried reloading my accoun on the server, same thing. I already have soft v 1.14 . Also this started happening immediatly after my # was ported over from virgin mobile, but texting worked fine on this phone when i was using the old #. Anybody have any ideas that I can give sprint? Anybody have this issue before? thanks
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    When I ported my number from nextel to sprint 2 years ago the same thing happened to me. Just not that long. Only lasted a day or 2 for me. Sure it will pass.
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    started working - thanks bad, i had somebody test it again and it is working now, almost 4 days after the port.
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    Yeah when I changed my number from my Samsung A900 to the 700wx I actually received a text message and got it on both phones at the same time. I was quite funny...

    Glad to hear it resolved itself.

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