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    I'm a newbie here, but I've seen a lot of posts regarding Windows Mobile Device Center and the Treo 700w/wx (in fact, I came to this site in order to find a solution!)

    After two nights of uninstalling, reinstalling, and adjusting the firewall settings, here is what I found:

    1. If you are using a Palm CRADLE that is attached to your computer (like I originally started out with) it does not seem to recognize the 700w right away (it will indicate that the driver for the "unidentified device" installed successfully, but WMDC shows "not connected" for the status)

    2. Even after disabling the Windows Firewall, VirusScan, and opening ports 900, 999, 5678, 5679, etc. (per the help topic in WMDC) I could not get Vista to "see" the 700w while in the CRADLE.

    3. After uninstalling for the 3rd time, I installed WMDC without the phone docked in the cradle (it was still attached to the computer).

    4. Next, I connected the phone to the computer using the USB-to-Treo cable (NOT the cradle) - Vista recognized the connection and I had a WMDC screen full of options that I did not have before.

    5. After the initial connection using the USB-to-Treo cable and setting up a partnership with the phone, I was able to dock using the cradle.

    I don't know if this will help anyone else; here is some additional info:

    Model: Palm Treo 700w
    Age: (about 12 months old)
    Software: 1.10-VZW
    Hardware: Version A
    Firmware: Version 61

    Home-built "Frankenstein"
    ASUS P4PE Motherboard
    Intel P4 3.06GHz
    2GB RAM
    Vista RTM Build (installed 12/13/06)
    Outlook 2007, OneCare 1.5
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    I wonder why the cradle vs usb makes a difference? Are you connecting RNDIS or serial USB?

    Seems bizarre to me.

    Good info regardless. I can tell you spent a while pulling the hair out of your head!
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    How's Vista?
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    Quote Originally Posted by robodude View Post
    How's Vista?
    Vista is, IMHO, outstanding. However, I'm sure issues like this and some other driver issues are going to cause a slow adoption for this OS. I don't don't mind the extra tweaking and troubleshooting. If I did, I wouldn't own a Treo!

    Anyway, Vista is truly impressive. Well worth the upgrade.
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    Hm, I use a vista beta a while back and that it was awesome - had no problems with the vista\treo syncing up. Thought it was way better than activesync.

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