Well, I currently have a W w/VZW and feel SOL because the RAM is NA. I will be upgrading to a WX but when VZW is going to have it still seems to be a mystery. (I read Monday in another post....not holding my breath) I run iLuancher now and Im not thrilled but it doesnt take up much memory. Im looking into Spb Pocket Breeze as well as the Mobile Shell. Anyone know how much ram they will take to run?? Can I still use, or do I need to, WM5NewMenu for the soft keys?? Or, is there another/better app?

Another question, should I just wait for the 750??

Now, if the VZW WX is going to be WM6, how long before all the cool apps out there will comply?? And... how long before the kings of the reg hacks will have a WM6 device to work with?? (we should take up a collection to get them one!)