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    I am new to windows 750 have been a long time user of palm OS I am trying to get into my bank site and get message i have to enable java script anyone know how to do this do i have to add java from the palm site or is there a setting on internet explorer. Never had this problem with blazer was always able to conect on my 700P
    Thanks for your help i did search but could not find anything on this.

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    Hmm. I had that message on a web site once. I'm not sure why as IE supports javascript (I'm pretty sure.) Maybe the bank site just does something javascript that IE just happens to not do.

    If you don't find the answer. The good news is that there are some excellent 3rd party browsers you can try:
    Opera Mobile supports some sites that IE doesn't
    Also try Netfront:

    I've found that opera mobile works pretty well on sites that even IE doesn't work with.
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