View Poll Results: How long would you be willing to wait to purchase 700WX if it came with WM6?

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  • 1 Month

    2 10.00%
  • 3 Months

    4 20.00%
  • 6 Months

    4 20.00%
  • 12 Months

    1 5.00%
  • > 12 months

    0 0%
  • I would purchase WX with WM5 and not wait for WM6

    7 35.00%
  • Other - Please specify

    2 10.00%
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    How long would you hold out to purchase WX if it came with WM6?
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    Until I heard the complaints on this and other forums... I'd wait for those who like to get their teeth kicked in before I'd jump in. Although, MS is normally good once they get on a role with a product.... it is those first couple of versions that always seem to have a bad rep.... and from what I've seen I don't think this new version is a major leap from 5 so.... 6 should be good.

    In addition, I'd have to wait to see if palm will mess it up... or put it on a device that is not worth a crap....
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    Hmm...unless I'm over-analyzing your question, it seems kind of confusing. Now if you know that the 700wx, which is already available is going to come with WM6 at some point, then that means a ROM update would be available for you to download later on, giving no real reason to wait for the WM6 update to be released, unless you for some reason just can't stand WM5.

    Now if WM6 was going to be released on a different device (let's call it the Treo 780 just for fun), then it would make sense to wait. Otherwise, one might as well get a wx now and then wait for a ROM update if they know it's coming.
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    Since I just got a 700wx, I would wait a little while unless WM6 was just stunningly better than WM5. Even so I would not want to be the crash test dummy for Microsoft. I'd wait for a bug fix release first.

    But for those on the fence . . . the 700wx was a giant step forward from my 650. Why wait?
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    If it doesnt have blue tooth voice dialing and stereo headset support I will wait for the next treo on vzw.

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