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    I have a company email-msn that I have displayed on my today screen. This one works fine. I can see attachments and all.

    The problem is when log onto my personal Hotmail acct it never lets me download attachments. It says that there are attachments but there is nowhere to click.

    I am fairly familiar with my msn "push" email regarding attachments so I am a little confused why my other hotmail does not work.
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    Well I'm looking for similar answers I can tell you that at least if you use opera you can click and view the attachments
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    posted this a couple of days ago with no replies: Friends wx's battery was draining even "faster" than normal. Also had all of her calls going straight to voicemail. A couple of pocket MSN notification errors.

    I took a look at it and noticed the 1RTT data connection icon was always active. Somehow I got the pocket MSN/Hotmail today application to stop and the phone now works.

    Anyone else have issues with Pocket MSN/Hotmail? What's a good fix?

    How about this instead of pocket msn? Read somewhere that this app would allow all the attachments to come in also. Maybe that's better than the stock hotmail engine?

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