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    1st. post here hi everyone just got my 700w about a 2 weeks ago, would like someones help on how to put more ringtones for MMS the rings they have for it are not lound enought for me, also I dont know how to put new ringtones for my Outlook-e-mail. Someone Please Help. Thanks
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    All you need to do is Explore your Treo using the ActiveSync client and locate your My Music folder (located within My Documents folder). just put the ringers there. as far as changing sounds, from the today screen, hit menu, preferences, Phone Settings, then on the phone tab, hit the link for Set ring tones for incoming calls. Just select whatever you want to change the sound for on the Event drop down and select a new sound from the play sound box.
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    Mine only plays a very low tone for MMS, never been able to change it? It is not one of the selections.

    Another way to get to change the sounds is....

    Start, Settings, Sounds and Notifications. Notifications tab.
    Treo 750, at&t wireless.

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