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    The last couple days I have been getting a random error message that pops up when im not even using the phone that says "Out of memory, there is not enough memory to complete this action" or something to that affect. The problem is that there will be no running programs in the background and if I check the memory it says 40-45megs free for program memory?? I have tried soft resets and still get this. Any ideas??
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    I've seen this as well and would be interested in an answer.
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    Lately I have gotten this error too (when I try to insert a Socket SD-Wifi Card. I know this card works because when i first got my wx 3 weeks ago, it worked.)

    I've been wanting to hard reset, but haven't gotten around to it yet, hehe.
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    I have been getting this too. Thought it had to do with something I installed so I wrote it off and hard reset recently. Now I see that I am not alone. Sorry, no info though.
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    Me, too. I get it sometimes when I re-insert my Palm Wi-Fi card, it gives an out of memory error when I have loads left.

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