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    Besides the WX are there any new Treos on the horizon for Verizon? Thanks
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    the Treo 702. They will add a lime green color & 1.37 MP camera & an extra blank key on the keyboard. all for only $799! oh & as an added bonus, all the resets, lags, overall poor functionality is included free!! yayyyy >:-(
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    treoneo, I love that picture. LMAO, every time.

    And don't forget that the new Treo will have a special random button that will hard reset your device for you periodically to keep the system in tip-top shape.
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    I still want to know what the Sherlock is....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlepat View Post
    I still want to know what the Sherlock is....
    me too. some say it is all so known as the 755. i cant find anything.

    there was a thread in the "future treo" part of tc (the same place this thread will be moved to as soon as the mods see it). it had like 500 replies and never talked about the sherlock. talk about getting off subject. lol
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    what scares me is the number "755". this means an incremental upgrade which means no major changes. Just the same old shlocky device with a few unmentionable upgrades. What happened with going from 300 to 600 to 700 to... Now they release friggin 700, 750, 680 (going backwards) & now 755??? Come on guys!
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    It's not all bad, now if the released the 750.1 Then I worry.

    Treo 300-650-755P, Contract ends 11/30/07. SERO F&F 1250, The following are unlimited: N&W (7PM), Mobile to Home (M2H), Free Incoming, Vision Data, Text Messages for $49.99 - Plus Sprint AIRAVE @ N/C.
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    walked into a verizon store asking about the wx, and they immediately started talking about an upcoming 750 for verizon, but of course they wouldnt give me a release date. they indicated that the device would be released with mobile 6, which leads me to believe that its still months away!

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