I currently own a Palm Treo 650 (before that a Handspring 600) and am very happy with it but am considering upgrading for these specific reasons--

1) I'd like 3G speeds on my smartphone
2) Palm does a good job of syncing with Outlook (I use Beyond Contacts) BUT I would like the option to sync with specific e-mail folders
3) I'd like push e-mail
4) A VERY good web browser in which I can do many if not all of the functions--view Java, view videos, log into secure sites, etc etc

I'm considering the Treo 750v but would like to clarify points 2 and 4 first. Can the Windows Mobile OS sync with select folders of Outlook e-mail? I'd like to get them onto my phone for reference so that I can reference/reply when on the go. And I'm frustrated with the Blazer on the 650. It's not as close enough to a browser on the PC experience as I'd like.

So--be honest here. Is the 750v worthwhile, or should I be considering another type of smartphone that would better meet my needs?

P.S. I divide my time between Italy and the US so obviously I'll be buying the smartphone unlocked.