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    So I've paired 750 with my PC equipped Bluetooth.
    Created bluetooth dial up connection and open the dial up window, fill the dial up number with *99***1#

    When it dial I see the 'connection' attempt between my PC and 750, I can see it in the bluetooth logo in 750 turning from blue color to white, meaning there's a communication between them....
    But in a 3 sec an error dialog pop up displaying :
    Error 777 : The connection attempt failed because the modem (or other connecting devices) on the remote computer is out of order.

    I see this error in my USB/cable connection as well....
    Driving me nuts!

    Can somebody explain what went wrong with my set up?
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    i think the dial number is * works for me..hope this helps
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    I've already used my treo as BT Modem. The problem is in the BT driver.
    I removed and reinstall it.... BAM! it works!
    No messy set-up, it's very simple... just pairing & installing the Dial Up Services.... wallaaa.......... love more my treo.......

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