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    I recently tried installing a messenger program, but I am unable to put it on the Today screen as it does not show up in the list of programs in the settings. I have had this issue with other program as well. Anyone had a similar issue? Already tried removing and re-installing....
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    What messaging program are you referring to. Perhaps it replaced the standard messaging app as the default?
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    The name of the softare would be nice.

    I know with IM+ you have to go into ITS settings and enable the today plugin before you can see it...
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    It was Agile Messenger Beta version. I tried the full version, and then it showed up.

    Same thing happened with Imov messenger as well (did not show up in the today settings). Looks like I have to fork up the 34 for the full version of Agile - at least the cool push-to-talk function works really well...

    The same is actually the case for Illium's eWallet and also Opera browser (which I do not really want on the Today screen, but still). Opera is installed on the SD card, but the messenger clients are installed on the device in case that should matter.

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