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    Article here.


    "With its latest operating system, Microsoft is promising improved search, better security and tighter integration with Windows Live services. But the operating system isn't Vista--it's Windows Mobile 6, the latest iteration of Redmond's software for powering mobile phones.

    Microsoft plans on Monday to officially announce Windows Mobile 6, formerly code-named Crossbow, at the 3GSM trade show in Barcelona. The first devices using the software aren't expected until spring, however, with the bulk of products using the new operating system likely to come in the second half of the year.

    Among the most visible changes is the ability to type in a few letters of a song, contact or e-mail subject and have the phone automatically show only matching results. The software also supports HTML e-mail. But for Exchange messages to be viewable in that form, a company also has to have Exchange 2007, the new version of Microsoft's e-mail server software.

    Windows Mobile 6 also builds in support for Windows Live instant messaging and e-mail, which enables users to see whether a contact is online and to get their Hotmail or Windows Live Mail messages pushed down automatically.

    After years of struggling to make inroads in the phone business, Microsoft is starting to find its way. Its software is now on many of Palm's Treo devices and also on new, slim phones like Samsung's BlackJack and T-Mobile's Dash. The company sold 3 million licenses of Windows Mobile last quarter, up 90 percent from a year earlier.

    Because it uses the same core--Windows CE 5--the new mobile operating system is expected to work with nearly all the existing Windows Mobile 5 applications. "
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    sounds like it's going to be a bigger upgrade than most thought. Definitely hoping for the OS to be snappier and even more reliable.
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    The software also supports HTML e-mail

    This alone would be worth it for me!
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    can mobile 5 upgrade easily?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Playcentric View Post
    can mobile 5 upgrade easily?
    On an HTC device, maybe. On a Treo loaded with Palm customizations, I tend to think not.
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    "Among the most visible changes is the ability to type in a few letters of a song, contact or e-mail subject and have the phone automatically show only matching results."

    I definitely am looking forward to seeing that!
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    Should we be expecting to be able to upgrade to WM6 on our own? Or will we have to wait for Sprint, et al to make an update available?
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    You will have to wait for your network provider.

    Cool new tweak in WM6 - you can now add new phone numbers from the call history to existing contacts. Its a small tweak, but shows they were listening.

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    Ive read that the update will be available for the Treo 750. It did not reference the 700 W or WX..... I guess we will have to wait and see..
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    I suspect that Verizon & Sprint will just come out with a new device with WM6 and not offer the upgrade. That sucks, but its more in line with their tactics.
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