View Poll Results: HTC TyTN or Unlocked Treo 750 (not from Cingular)?

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  • HTC TyTN

    6 35.29%
  • Unlocked Treo 750

    11 64.71%
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    I've read many reviews between these two smartphones, and I understand the TyTN is more PDA-centric while the 750 is more phone-centric and easier to use. I know I'm more toward to the TyTN, but is the TyTN really that uncomfortable to use as a phone? I don't have many people to call me (to begin with), but if I do, do I really have to pick-up the stylus and use two hands to dial it out?

    Any advices is appreciated
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    I have a TyTn but will get a 750 as soon as Palm Stores website is working again...

    Anyway, the only reason I'm getting a 750 is because I prefer the smaller keyboard. I also beleive it will be easier to use with one hand.

    The TyTn is a great smartphone/Pocket-PC and it has a larger screen than the 750.
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    #3 least you asked this question in a place where you are sure to get complete unbiased opinions. I have no doubt that people at TreoCentral will show no overall preference for the Treo even if it might not be the better device for everyone. Right guys?

    Haha! You can easily dial either phone with one hand. No stylus needed. Infact, the only time I pull out the stylus on the TyTN is when I set it up from new. It is true that the TyTN is the better PDA of the two while the Treo is better feeling as a phone but neither is so much better at anything than the other that you will have regrets. I prefer the larger keyboard of the TyTN. Others here will prefer other aspects of the Treo.
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    google u1000 - seems a great product
    CNG ATTWS Treo650
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    You're asking this in a 750 forum? Who do you really expect to win?

    Go to the Hermes forum over at xda and try this over there.

    (I voted for the Hermes BTW)
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    i voted TyTN
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    How about...

    I use an unlocked 750v (eBay) for a phone, and a Palm LifeDrive in addition to a TyTN, which I won from MobilePlanet in downtown Riverside, CA.

    Ballin'? Yes, indeed
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    I have both phones here.

    I wanted the Treo for so long that it hurt. I had been using the 8525 for a few weeks prior to the arrival of the Treo. I must say that I'm actually slight disappointed with the Treo 750. There isn't as much "unique" about it as I thought there was. If I switch to it as my primary phone I'd be giving up the scroll wheel, the 2.0 MP camera, and a nicer display. (I really could care less about the wi-fi).

    The only main advantage that I truly like about the 750 is the form-factor. Unfortunately after the 8125 and the 8525 I've adjusted. The 8525 brought me very good one-handed operation, and the iPhone has made the tablet form-factor stylish. :-)

    I'm going to try the 750 for the next week and see if it grows on me. It certainly doesn't have the ease of use or even the elegance of my old Treo 650.

    EDIT: Just wanted to add ... the Treo 750 is a fantastic device and one of the best WM5 PPC devices. What I wrote is simply my thoughts at the moment. Cingular has a few very very good devices available and you really can't go wrong. It's hard choosing between several very good devices.
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