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    Rather than spending my time searching for individual knowledge nuggets and taking away well intentioned time from the audience, I'd really like to just get some good information regarding WM5. Some of my issues are Treo related, but I think until I'm solid on the CE piece I'll just keep thrashing around. Amazon has what looks to be the equivalent of "WM5 For Dummies", which is fine; no problem starting with baby food. Following that, I'd like to find something more advanced, treating such subjects as regedit, changing drivers, etc. Not too interested in programming, just want to be able to do the advanced user stuff. Would appreciate suggests, especially if a source can be recommended. Thanks.
    Mike Caldwell
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    I'm a big proponent of forums. You learn more valuable information and different issues that are never printed in a book.
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    Agree, and I greatly appreciate this one. But I'd like to teach myself as much as possible as quickly as possible and depend upon the kindness of strangers for the knarly stuff I can't figure out (and possibly be able to respond to questions of others). Right now I've got a dozen or more questions; don't think I want to flood the group with them.
    Mike Caldwell

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