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    Sorry for the noob BT questions but search didn't help and this will really be the first time I've taken advantage of the BT capabilities as my new car has BT built in to the stereo. One thing I noticed is that my poor battery performance has seemingly gotten worse even though I make no calls on the phone, I just have BT on so that the car can see it. Is it the case that just having the BT on (but not making or reciving calls) so it can pair with your car sucks more juice than normal?

    Follow up, I have a backup program that runs a few times a week and restarts after its finished. The default BT setting seems to be off since I always have to go in and re-turn it back on. Is there a registry tweak or other setting I can flip that will automatically turn BT on after a restart?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Bump. Anyone answer the second question - can BT be defaulted to ON after a restart? Thanks.
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    I dont have any answer, but I have the same question. Sprite backup and any soft resets that I do, seem to always turn off the BT once it has rebooted.

    Quite annonying
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    I haven't found anything yet that would help this. Very annoying.

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