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    I use SPB Pocket Plus with the memory usage indicator on my Today page. After a soft reset the memory usage is shown at about 25%. After two to three days the memory usage has gone up to 75% or more, and if I let it keep going the Treo becomes very slow and unstable. I have gotten in the habit of watching that indicator and doing a soft reset when I start running out of memory.

    So, my question is, how can I figure out what is using up the memory? I have MemMaid installed and use that regularly to "clean" the memory. At least a few times each day I also hold down the OK button and stop all running programs. Neither of those things seem to have any effect on whatever is eating up my memory.

    Is there some way to determine how much memory each application is using? Or some other way to figure out what's going on?
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    i personally do the same thing as you as far as watching the memory levels. Heres my suggestion for you get oxios memory (type into a search engine) and you can use mem maid with it. Assign oxios memory to the mem maid notification application and every time your phone come out of hibernate oxios runs automatically and frees up memory. This is whatI did with my phone and it works out well just as a side not oxios is a very small program only 10k I believe and the best part its freeware.
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