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    Don't get me wrong I love the phone but who thinks of this stuff.

    So I try and turn on the phone by pressing the green phone key one time and guess what, it dials the last number I had called. I start laughing thinking, must have been a fluke. So I press the red key stop the dialing, and shut the screen off again. I press the green phone button and sure enough it dials the last number again.

    Of course I could use keyguard by why should I.

    So if the phone is ON and you press the green phone button it brings up you last 10 calls, but if the phone is off, it autodials the last number. I must have accidentally called a dozen people this last month.

    Anyone know of a way to stop this or maybe a registry edit to prevent it.

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    My Treo 750v does not behave the way you describe.

    To test your scenario, I disabled Keyguard.
    I then turned off my 750v with the Red button.

    Then hit the Green button to turn the phone back on again.

    Doing so caused my last 10 calls to pop up - same as if the phone was on when I pressed the green button.

    Perhaps some 3rd party app you are running is causing the problem.
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    use the red button to turn the screen on and off, not the green one. I rarely use the green button for anything. Also, you surely know that to turn the phone all the way off, just press and hold the RED button.
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    I tested this on my Cingular 750 and it also doesn't act the same as yours. When I disabled the keyguard, turned off my phone, and then turned iton with the green button, it opened up my recent call list. It did not dial out.
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    maybe you're holding down the green button too long?
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    If I press my green phone button TWICE I call the last number. I have to Tap (on, menu pops up) and tap again (calls the last number dialed.)
    I'm with the theory that it's a 3rd party app causing it.
    I'd also give a simple reset a shot if you haven't tried yet.

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