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    I recently picked up a Cingular 750, after having used a Verizon 700w over the past year. Overall I like the 750 for its lighter weight and greater memory, but I have three quibbles which I hope someone can help me with or at least confirm that I don't have a defective unit.

    1) On the 700w, I was able to power off the Treo just by pressing the power/call-off(red phone) button once. On the 750, pressing this button always takes me back to the home screen, and then I must press the button again to turn the Treo off. This extra button press seems unnecessary to me (since if I want to get to the home screen I can press "ok"); is there any way to avoid this?

    2) The keys are much stiffer than on the 700w which makes it more tiring to type. Is this normal?

    3) The call volume is much lower than it was on the 700w, even at the highest phone and device volume settings. Perhaps this is driven by the network (i.e., Verizon vs. Cingular). Has anyone who migrated over from the 700 to 750 noticed the call volume is much lower as well? Overall, not a deal-breaker since call clarity is exceptional, and I could always use the speakerphone to boost the volume in a pinch.

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    I have noticed all the things like you listed as well. I also came from a treo 700w and verizon
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    If you hold the alt key (solid white key in lower left side) and hit the red end button the screen locks and the phone will go into standby. Somewhere I read something about the difference between Palm & WM Treo. Something like screen lock and screen state lock. It's all really foggy now.

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    Vodaphone wanted it that way since "all other end keys on phones take you back to the main screen"..

    very aggravating..gI've us control back Palm..please?
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