after 180-270-600-650 experiences, as a Windows lover I though 750v is worth trying. but I liked 650 so much.

after a couple of months, what I hate most on WM5 is its incoherence in usability: you have to press-and-hold, use the lower right menu item or the lower left to activate the same function: it depends on which application is active.

in order to modify a Task, you have to press center button then lower left; in Contacts app, you have to press center button, lower right and select modify. well, all in all, in both apps you have to press the center button to view item details. unfortunately, in the Call log app, if you press the center button it calls the number, even if the green button is there, and it works. if you want details, you have to tap (!) the item (scrolling with arrow keys is not enough).

if, in the Calendar app Day view, I can press up and down to move between hours, why I can't do this in week view? why I can't have my own folder for Notes?

I can write down a client ID or his daughter's name in Contacts, but not a 2nd mobile device number. I don't like to go to settings>system>time to setup an alarm: hey, it's just an user alarm. I don't like the useless lower grey band with such keyboard icon: hey, I GOT AN HARDWARE REAL KEYBOARD.

I don't like having to dismiss the notification warning and then dismiss the notification itself: the first one is useless.

not to mention bugs: every Treo device got them, until first or second ROM update.