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    I receive service calls by email in the form of a text attachment ending in .osdr. I have my wireless sync and notebook set to automatically sync the email to my 700w. When I save the attachment it automatically saves with an .osdr extension and says not compatible file format and to open the app first then the file. (There was no option to "save as" to change it when saving). So I went to open Word, pulled up the folder I save it to and it's not visible. So then I tried changing the "Display in List View" options to each listed option one by one and none will show the .osdr. When I use File Explorer, I can see the file just fine so I tried to rename the file to have a txt or doc extension, but it keeps the osdr extenion after the txt. Is there a way to way to reassociate the osdr with Word. In XP, you can just right click and choose open with - choose application and set to associate that file extension permanently. I looked for a similar option inside File Explorer and there is none.

    Anyone had this issue and found a way to resolve it?
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    Resco File Explorer can do exactly what you describe.
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    along with a lot of other cool stuff/functions that are missing from the standard included file explorer and in other freeware like total commander.

    Resco is well worth the money.
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