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    Driving me nuts. Got a new '750 and a new Sony VAIO on the same day. Sony provides a customized BT interface, so can't get any of the standard WINXP Control Panel BT dialogs. I can get the two to see each other, but after paring the Vaio presents a dialog box for a "Dail up modem", asking for phone number, ID, PW, etc. Is that part of the G3 setup? Then, if I enter something, it goes ahead and assigns the '750 to COMM40. So, at this point I am unable to do anything with Active Sync, since it does not recognize a BT connection.

    Would call Sony but they are somewhere between worthless and "oh, call Treo or Microsoft."

    Mike Caldwell
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    I heard a long time ago that Sony had screwed with the bluetooth on their computers so that they would only work with Sony products. I don't know if that is true but I do remember people complaining.
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    You have just to remove the crappy Toshiba BT stack, and use one of the others (M$,Widcomm, Bluesoleil)

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    Tried Blue Soleil, but couldn't get it to do anything! Installed, but it tries to find a USB or PCMCIA or whatever BT unit, but would not recognized that the BT radio is built in. I know if it does it will want me to pay a license fee, which I could do in a heartbeat, but can't get to that stage.
    Mike Caldwell
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    BTW: does just fine with a Logitech KB and mouse, Motorola HT820 headphones, but for the Treo the process of exchanging a PIN just falls all overitself. Looks like about a two second window, and my fingers arne't that fast!
    Mike Caldwell

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