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    I have been trying to get up to speed on the best browsers for the TREO 750. The consensus in the mainstream press seems to be Opera Mobile. Is that right? Are there other products that are better?
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    I just use PIE, and it works fine for me. Everyone does say that Opera is good though, but I have no need for it
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    I think PIE with the PIEplus extensions and the tweaks in this thread:

    ..make it fast and featured enough for me. I didn't like Opera's load times (even after UPX) and I didn't feel any speed increase while browsing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wordjam7 View Post
    I have been trying to get up to speed on the best browsers for the TREO 750. The consensus in the mainstream press seems to be Opera Mobile. Is that right? Are there other products that are better?

    Yes it's right.

    Opera is the best browser around, on WM (and on the other platforms where is available).

    BTW to get the best from treo, you have to tweak the input.ini file to get the best one hand operations.

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    I've tried Netfront, Opera and PIE+. In my personal opinion, PIE+ is the simplest, fastest, most natural browser out there. I use both Firefox and IE7 and feel right at home with PIE+.
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    I have heard that Opera uses an intermediary step that formats data to fit on the smaller WM5 screens. This is good in that it reformats pages however I believe it actually slows down the data transfer. If you try to measure your connection speed using opera it will not be accurate though.
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    FWIW, I downloaded and installed it on my 750 yesterday.

    It better handles one large web page (blog like) that would get displayed out of order on PIE (though not on my Dell Axim when I had it). The only problem I've found is that it is kind of a memory hog on my Treo, I have been having to close some other applications to make room for it. Of course, it may be caching the large web site. If the downside doesn't outweight the upside, I'll probably purchase it.
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    i use opera mini rather then opera mobile i love it and will not go back to pie or anything else.
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    I use PIE for most browsing and Opera Mini for the bigger web pages. works great and it's free.
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    Even though I am a registered 8.60 owner and I just tried 8.65 on my Treo 750, I uninstalled it after a couple of hours.

    Basically link scrolling is terrible (yes I did mod the input.ini for link and page scrolling), and Opera still hasn't solved the "not enough resources issue" on a device that has over 20mb free RAM at the time.

    I also don't like how you access favorites in Opera. PIE at least has one-key press scrolling to a particular favorite in your list (ie. press "P" and it scrolls to the first occurance of your "p" favorites, press "p" again, it goes to the next, etc.).

    I'll stick to PIE and PIEPlus.
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