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    Hello, I am having trouble with my SMS. for some wierd reason when I send text message to my friend, he gets it normal, a couple of minutes later he gets the same text message again, only this time I didnt send it a second time, the he keep recieving the same one again, this has happened a couple of times already with different people that I have text'd....

    Does anybody know how to fix this??

    Thanks, Carlos
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    I think its a network issue. Comes and goes once in while for me on Sprint
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    Is anybody else having this issue with Cingular?
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    I have indeed had this exact issue with Cingular and it totally killed a full night of sleep for me. I receive SMS alerts via. TAP messaging (Cingulars Enterprise Paging feature) from our Network Operations Center. One night I got a noticed of a server issue, and that same noticed was sent only ONCE by our Monitoring System, yet I received it EVERY 5 minutes for 5 hours over night. Called Cingular at 2am and they stated there was nothing they could do, SMS messaging is handled by a 3rd party for them - Like Media Net - so I waited and finally it stopped. It's only happened ONCE about a year ago, but im sure it will happen again some day.

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