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    Quote Originally Posted by naftalim View Post
    I uninstalled it, and my Start Button did not work. A soft reset did not solve this problem. I reinstalled and its working fine, but I am concerned about the above if I decide not to go with this utility. I dont want to have to do another hard reset. Any ideas?

    Use your backup that I am sure you dutifully made before installing an interface changing app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alienwhere View Post
    Here's a tip - if you go through the Spb Menu and choose apps that way, they will automatically populate your start menu. Then your most used apps will always be 1-2 clicks away at best. Also, you can pin most-used items to the Home tab (the one with the battery indicator) if you always want them accessible from the today screen. If you don't want to pin, it will keep the last 12 things you used there for you.

    It took me a little while to get used to, but it's fine now, I know what you're saying.
    I am really intrigued by this app....and if I have not been so distracted with work this last couple weeks, I know I would have already purchased it.

    A question though about the menu. I currently use Wisbar and due the above average of programs installed on my handheld, I have customized my menus. See attached screen shots. How would Mobile Shell handle this?
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    Well, the short answer is that it will be different. How different, I can't be sure. I know for a fact that a lot of the other testers were using WA and asking for certain things to be implemented. Not being a user myself, I don't know what ended up in the final build. There are other ways you can configure your device with Mobile Shell that will provide a functionality similar to what you have with WA, although you will likely feel that it is a series of compromises.

    I suppose it all depends on how much you like your WA interface. It looks like you've spent a good deal of time on it, and it will be a bit of work to get that level back. That being said, I have been using it and continue tweaking it to get it just right. I have a few tabs in place, and feel that my current setup is optimal... for this week .

    You may be able to add WA options in a tab in the today screen, or you may be able to do other things. I wish I could be more help. Your best bet may be to spend a little time over at the MS forums and see if anything is being talked about.

    If you want, I can post screenshots of what I've got going, so you can see how I've laid it all out. Let me know -


    Ok, here they are. I'm avoiding doing my work anyway.

    This is my first tab - Pocket Plus, with anything I might need to use, arranged in a way that I can get to certain things quicker than others, along with the battery meter.

    Here is my PIM tab, using Spb Diary. Pretty Self-explanatory.

    Weather Panel tab, also using WP-Pilot, installed on Today, under Mobile Shell, allowing for one-handed WP navigation. Working pretty well.

    Web search. Added this the other day, just to see how I liked having it here on the screen. Ok with it. Nothing too exciting.

    Photo dialer. Self-explanatory as well. Fairly useful in the car.

    There is a lot you can do, as well, that I have not, but I try to keep things as simple as possible while also maximizing functionality. This works for me. You may hate it, who knows - but it's another way of looking at things, if nothing else. Hope it helped your thought processes...
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    Thanks for the screenshots.

    Actually I haven't done anything with WA to make my menus that way. I changed the file structure under Menus and then WA just read the file structure under Menus and the menus show up as pictured in my last post.

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried this already or not?

    Of course the best answer is download the trial version and find out for myself...but that will still be another couple days due to work.
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    Well, like I said - hit the forum for a little while and see if anyone's using 'em both. I wouldn't know myself what the limitations are off the top of my head. I do know however, that the devs were mindful of people using a lot of different things with MS, as they realized that they couldn't really ask people to dump everything they had running for a pretty face. So some things work now, others don't, and they've mentioned adding functionality in the future.

    Pocket Informant and FlexMail were two that people wanted more integration with (that is, the ability to use 3rd party apps instead of default PIM apps).

    I hear you about work. Sometimes all I want to do is curl up with my phone and a couple new .cabs, and something else has to get done first.
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    BTW...nice avatar...that was my all time favorite movie when it first came out!
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    I knew I couldn't be the only person left on Earth that loved it... Thanks, Hobbes - you made my day!

    (don't even get me started on it, by the way - we could go on for hours...)

    and my sig too... MCP all the way...
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    I was a big fan of MS but after a while I just didn't find a reason to use it anymore. PocketBreeze + Weatherpanel + TodayTime takes care of everything I want to do on my today screen.
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    I really like how they've made the tabs big enough so it's easy to use the touchpad... if only there wasn't such a huuuuuge battery drain problem on my 700wx. Anyone else experiencing this? My battery drains twice as fast since I installed. I've turned off autoupdates and my Now screen... it's an awesome app but the effect on my batter is ridiculous!
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    Battery drain is an issue for some users. It has been discussed on the MS forums at some length. They are actively working on the problem.

    I see you've been over there, so you surely know that already...

    Don't know if you saw these already:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alienwhere View Post
    I knew I couldn't be the only person left on Earth that loved it... Thanks, Hobbes - you made my day!

    (don't even get me started on it, by the way - we could go on for hours...)

    and my sig too... MCP all the way...
    If it's what I think it is, it was a great arcade game, too. I spent a lot of quarters on it in my younger days.
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    Those dang pesky spiders!!!!!

    .............loved the light cycles though!
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    I decided to keep mobile shell and the two biggest drivers were: the large buttons which are great for touchscreens and the spb contacts dialling. It's amazing that the spb contacts smart dialer is so much faster than my htc smart dialing from the phone application. I have about 800 contacts on the phone and I've been told that the high volume causes the built-in smart dialer to have to "think a lot" to narrow down the list to pick from. However, the SPB Contacts dialer is incredibly faster and still accurate.

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    I just downloaded the SPB Mobile Shell, looks and feels great, however, for the life of me I can not figure out how to get a manual that I can print out on this. I went to the SPB site an all I could find was the FAQ, no manual. I know it must be there somewhere but for the lifwe of me I can not find it. Does anyone know of it?
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    They may not have one yet. Some of the newer apps they're developing are really new, and may not have all the documentation yet. Check out the forum, though, because it'll likely answer most if not all of your questions...
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    I can not believe that, but OK I will check out the forums, thanks for the tip. BTW the program looks great
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    I finally am trying Mobile Shell. I dont really care for the start menu opening Mobile Shell, but I am trying to get AE button to make a double "OK" open the Shell main menu.

    If the Start button doesnt start Mobile Shell & the today screen plug in for shell is disabled, does it use any ram?

    I dont think there is a link in /windows/startup

    I like Shell & would like to play with it more, but I would like the be able to disable it to the point where it wont slow anything down if I shut it down for a few days.
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    I can't get the trial to run. I had installed it a couple months ago to test but I uninstalled it shortly after installing the trial. I would now like to give it another shot and try it again. It won't let me install it now though. Just keeps saying that my trial has expired.

    I emailed SBP To see if they would help but they have never replied. That was about two weeks ago. I just want to test it again seriously but can't.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You can try digging around in the registry and deleting any keys associated with the program, but if you're not comfortable doing registry work, I wouldn't recommend it...
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    Yes I'm fine in the registry. The ptoblem is that I've already deleted every key related to sbp after doing a search. And still no go. So I must be missing something.
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