I'm a long-time Palm user and I've finally migrated to Windows Mobile. Trying to get used to ActiveSync. For a week or so it was working fine. Now I have a problem. I got a new laptop which required me exporting all contacts, calendars, etc. from my old laptop and then importing them to the new laptop. At the same time, I did a total reinstall of OS on my desktop and re-installed Office. So I did the same export/import. Now the problem is that while is it doing the sync fine with the desktop, it will not sync the contacts from the laptop. When I check settings on the Treo, I see the contacts option as grayed out. No matter what I do, I can't seem to get that to not be gray and thus sync with the laptop (which is what I use more for business).

I appreciate any help that anyone can offer. By the way, calendar and everything else is working fine.