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    Hey everyone,

    Is it possible to switch back and forth between UMTS and EDGE? I use Direct Push and get 100+ a days and the battery life is not pretty. After 6 hours I'm at 55%. I'd love to use EDGE all the time except when I'm actively surfing the web or something that requires that kind of speed.

    I've read that the UMTS radio is a power hog on other WM devices so I assume that applies to the 750 as well. I also understand some of the UMTS phones can switch between UMTS and EDGE which is why I'm asking of the 750 has that capability as well.


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    You can force the GSM connection through the Phone settings.

    Menu>Preferences>Phone Settings>Services Tab/Band Selection
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    Okay that works. Thanks.

    So, this is plain old GSM then, and not EDGE? That means it's really slow then right?

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    GSM is not the same as EDGE, not a valid comparison.

    GSM compared to CDMA
    GPRS/EDGE/UMTS-HSDPA compared to EVDO (and its various revisions)

    GPRS = dialup
    EDGE = DSL
    UMTS-HSDPA = cable (sort of...)

    So EDGE is not unbearably slow by any means, although those that have tasted 3G would argue otherwise
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    Yes, sorry I did get my terms wrong. I meant GPRS. Since I see the "G" instead of the "U" after making this change, does that mean I'm getting GPRS speeds or EDGE speeds?

    I guess it doesn't matter for Direct Push emails, I'm just curious for my own benefit.


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    It seems that even though you may be connected to an EDGE network, it will still show G, instead of E. The Wizard EDGE icon hack didn't seem to work on the Treo. The only way of knowing for sure is to do a speed test.
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    Where do people recommend doing a speed test? I thought the CNet site was a good one, but it just told me I was getting 1Mbps with and without the "U".
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    look for mobile speed test

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