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    I don't know what happened to my Sprint 700wx...

    It used to be the case that as I travelled around, my phone would switch between EV-DO and 1xRTT and my Phone-as-Modem service would adapt accordingly.

    Recently, when I have used the modem link software, it has started off in EV-DO mode, but as soon as I enter a 1xRTT area, it stays stuck on 1xRTT regarless of how strong of an EV-DO signal I should be getting (e.g. I am currently writing as I enter downtown Boston with a clear view of the skyline but my phone only shows 1x).

    I am sure that as soon as I disconnect, my phone will display EV, but that means I lose whatever I am working on online.

    Has anybody else experienced this? Want to get my facts straight before I go crab at Sprint again!

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    Well it seems like you are moving a lot of traffic when you tethered.

    When you lose EV-DO your phone will automatically switch to 1x. It's different for the other way around, though. Your phone will not get back to EV-DO until your connection goes dormant on 1x. In other words your internet has to be COMPLETELY silent (no sending information, pings, etc) so the phone can switch to EV-DO signal.

    Might be a defective radio or software tho.. Sprint's coverage in boston is quite good i dont really think there is any area around it without ev-do.....
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    interesting idea. I will have to try it out.

    my commute takes me through the boonies (Halifax, MA?) so I definitely drop out of EVDO coverage temporarily but 90% of it is on major train and road routes with EVDO coverage (some even Rev A not that the 700wx supports it).

    One other random question about connection speeds.... does the USB connection affect the speed? My drivers tell me that I have a 230.4Kbps connection, which seems well below the supposed speeds I am supposed to get with EVDO. I just tried downloading a 10Mb file and got 20.2KB/s along I-93. That amounts to 160Kbps which is not much better than 1xRTT (Unless I am way off base).

    I swear I get much faster downloads on the phone itself.
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    Yeah, Try stopping programs that ping a lot like instant messengers... Close everything that uses the internet for a couple of minutes and watch your icon... It should go back to EV.. If not i think your radio might be screwed or something.

    Im pretty sure there is good EV-DO coverage along I-93. The problem with your slow speed is that you have adjust your settings in windows. Did you create the connection manually? Try going into the connection properties and changing the limit of throughput to something like 2.4mbps.

    ps.: consider using PDAnet for tethering.. I just used it yesterday in the car and was downloading a file at 110kb/s ! Niiice! I find it much easier to use than the regular Windows (or Sprint) dialer.

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