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    From the very time I received the case last week, I have been having an issue with the case popping open on the bottom left hand side. It happens too consistently and often. I have sent a request for exchange (as I do like the case) to Seidio via their web site.

    Is this happening to anyone else? I guess the same could happen to hybrid cases also.

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    I've been noticing the same thing. I figured I was doing something wrong. I may have to request another one too.
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    I dont have any problems with the Hybrid case. I did notice when snapping it together the bottom was a very tight fit, but once snapped, it's solid. I do think a little smother edges on the plastic portion of the case is in order. In some areas, seems a bit sharp around the edges. Im sure a dremil can fix it.

    I like the case a lot, I would almost like to see a thinner plastic front (I doubt its possible), it does interfere with soft-key presses. This case is bar far the best "shell" type case I have seen. MUCH better then the Boxwave "Active Case"/clear-case I had on my other WM device. The boxwave cases add way to much bulk to the device. Even there silicone cases never seem to fit like a glove.

    Seidio has a GREAT product here!
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    Same here . the bottom right side kept popping out . I emailed Seidio and they sent me a rma number to replace it
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    I had the same problem. My top left clip also broke. I am awaiting the replacment from Seidio.
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    No problems for me so far with the rubberized case. But it isn't something I'd want to remove and reinstall often.
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    I had the same problem....went thru 3 of them
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    I've had the hybrid case for a while now and I haven't had any issues

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