Treo 750 Cingular, three weeks old, works great and loving it. The phone has to stay on overnight in case any family members call about my father. So, each evening I close all programs, perform a soft reboot, let the phone and data signals reconnect, bring up pOutlook, and drop the Treo in the charger.

Since it's right by the bedside, I've been using it as an alarm clock, too. (Previously used a 650 with Butler and the alarm always triggered with no problem) Unfortunately, three times in the last three weeks, both the built in alarm and pTravelAlarm (set five minutes apart) have both failed to go off. It's like the Treo went into some kind of deep sleep on those nights. Other nights both alarms trigger with no problem. I really need them to be as reliable as Butler on the 650 but can't figure out what's causing the random failures. Any ideas?