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    hi friends,

    i'm using treo 750v - sync with outlook 2003

    1. if i'm having an individual contact with several numbers and i need to write extensions after each number to remember them (these are not tel extensions .. these are like names).. for example Business 1 : 25214251 - Rick
    Business 2 : xxxxxxxx - Mary Mobile 1 : xxxxxxxx Rick I prefer it that way to keep all contacts in 1 particular co. in 1 place ..

    What happens when treo dials the number is that it dials the alphabet extension also and eventually displays the message that its not a valid number - can i tweak this so that it just dials the first part AND FORGETS ABOUT THE REMAINDER?

    2. In my outlook i've got a number of phone numbers in the "other" field - but "other" does'nt appear in treo at all. I called up treo and they said i'd have to transfer all the "other" numbers to some other field... i've got more than 800 contacts ... is'nt there any other solution.

    3. if i'm working on an application and leave it for sometime the phone turns off - that's ok - but when i bring it on.. its in the home screen. Is there any way i could go directly to the program i was working on?

    any help would be very sincerely appreciated ... thank u v.much.
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