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    Hi all, I need the Cingular rebate form that covers the month of December. I've been able to find the one for prior to 1/21, but I am still missing the one for December 2006. Can someone PLEASE help me with this? Thanks so much!
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    go to your local cingular store and they can reprint it. Just make sure you haven't missed the "postmarked by" date on the form
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    Thanks turbo4door! You mean fill out the rebate form with the correct postmark date? I guess I'll just put two days after the purchase date or something, right?

    Thanks again! And if anyone else has the December rebate form, PLEASE let me know. I want to just send them in and get this over with.
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    The postmark is the date stamped on the envelope I think. The post office stamps mail with the date they were sent.
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    the post office places a postmark on the envelope when its mailed. This has the date on it. The date must be on (or before) a specific date listed on the rebate form in order for it to qualify.
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    I think you're too late to apply for the December rebate. The "postmark by" date is usually a month after the last qualified purchase date, which would make it sometime around January 20. Amazon shows rebate forms which are still redeemable.
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    Oh man, well, I'll figure out a way. lol...Thanks guys. I still would be highly interested in the DECEMBER rebate form!!

    Thanks again!

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