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    So even though I am new to writing on this forum, I have been a long time reader and have owned my 700wx for several months. Like all new owners (I suppose), I have experimented with different combinations of productivity software, utilities, games and assorted miscellaneous cool stuff (changing themes, reorganizing my today screen a zillion different times, etc.).

    I thought I had settled on a nice combination of programs, but was becoming somewhat frustrated with my 700wx's tendency to sometimes freeze up and require a soft reset. This tendency was sometimes caused by my use of PIE (with PIE Plus installed), or just at frustratingly random times. I was starting to believe that it was just part of owning the device and was prepared to resign myself to this frustration. I had tried taking off various programs, reloading them and the usual combination of things to try and make the device a little more stable.

    Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to try SPB Weather and remove ADB Weather Plus which I had been using for some time. I had really liked ADB Weather Plus as it was free, contained teriffic weather info, warnings, satellite images, maps, and I personally liked it better then Weather Panel (which I know has huge amounts of fans, just not me).

    SPB Weather, as a weather program, can't hold a candle to ADB Weather Plus in terms of features. You basically just get the weather, wind speed and several days forecast. But, or should I say BUT, almost as soon as I removed ADB Weather Plus and swapped it for SPB Weather, a funny thing happened - my 700wx started working better. It was snappier, PIE started to work without a hitch and I haven't had to soft reset in almost 48 hours (close to a record for me). I also started to REALLY like my treo again, instead of just liking it.

    In other words, since I know that not everyone on these forums have owned their treos for years on end, and since many of us like to experiment with programs, etc., there is a good chance that if your treo isn't working quite right, it's because one measly old program could be causing a conflict that makes the rest of your treo miserable. In my case it was ADB Weather Plus (which may very well work great on lots of other people's treos, but it didn't like whatever other programs I had running on mine). In fact, this post is absolutely not intended to bash ADB Weather Plus - which is really a much better program then SPB Weather in terms of features - but just to remind people that if your treo is not working the way you think it should, it could very well be because some of your programs don't like each other very much. If I hadn't decided to try a different weather program, I could see myself thinking long and hard about whether I wanted to stick with a treo next time around - as of now there is no doubt that I would. What a difference one program makes!

    Anyway, this forum is an absolute treasure chest of useful information, and I just hope that someone finds this post somewhat useful.

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    I agree.... for me the program was pocket weather...

    For some reason, a free weather program (I can't remember the name) made my treo go very slow... I performed a hard reset and said the heck with that.... no more weather programs. After seeing some of the comments on this board, though, I installed pocket weather... it was great. Paid my $10 and I'm happy.

    One other odd thing is that with pdanet, if the pdanet icon is on the Today screen, my treo will run slow as well. After I removed the icon, everything is fine.

    Those two programs will be just about all I put on the treo, so my setup is straight... palm did a great job with the treo line.
    01000010 01100001 01101110 00100000 01010100 01101000 01110010 01100101 01100001 01100100 00100000 01000011 01110010 01100001 01110000 01110000 01100101 01110010 01110011 00100001
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    You're absolutely right, ljmjag, but if you really want your Treo to run like a champ and you want a weather program that beats the snot out of just about everything, check out this thread. It's gigantic, but if you just grab WeatherPanel and the latest themes on the last 2-3 pages, you'll be set. Also, if you have questions about it, they are definitely answered in there.

    Wait until you have a little time to play around, but WP is the absolute BOMB when it comes to weather on the Treo. I know a lot of people who'll echo that sentiment. You won't be sorry...
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    Speaking of messing with phones I own a 700w and you all know it has some memory issues. But one thing i do enjoy is the tweaking the hacking of this phone I consider it a hobby a lot of times I hard reset my phone just to reconfigure every thing you know find the right combination. I know almost any wm5 phone can be hacked and tweaked but there is something special a challenge so to say with the memory of the 700w. When the day come to get the 700wx or whatever is in the lineup with verizon will be a very sad day for my good buddy 700w. Oh by the way I work on my phone more then 3 hours a day is that to much?
    No more Tilt for me came back and got the Treo Pro.
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    Yes. -.-;;
    Palm Treo 700W with Verizon PDATP Plan.

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    Love both

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