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    Ok so I'm trying to get Vista configured on my notebook, I installed the latest version (non beta) of Windows Mobile Device Center but it doesn't see or recognize my Treo 700w whatsoever.

    Windows makes the noise like new hardware is attached but nothing happens. WMDC just says no device connected.

    Other people have got this to work, what gives? How can I diagnose my setup?

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    Ive been using latest beta, which seems to recognize the WX just fine...
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    The final code is out now...see my post at the end of this thread for links...
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    I don't really see how that helps me. I have the latest WMDC and I don't have bluetooth.

    My settings are Allow USB, Allow BT, Automatic Network Selection.
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    Has anyone been able to get the final version of the WMDC to sync their treo with the native Vista PIM apps (Windows Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts)? I know this was not a possibility in the beta build.


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