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    I took the plunge and ordered a shiny new 700wx... I really loved the way the 6700 was open to ROM and AKU changes and updates. I have done a little searching but haven't come across anything as of yet...

    Has anyone cooked up a newer than stock ROM or AKU?
    Any ex 6700 users out there with any recommendations?

    Great forum BTW!!
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    the 6700 was also know as the apache. the apache was a gsm phone that overseas users were able to use as well. xda-developers is where most of that hacking comes from. thay only play with the gsm phones. so untill the 700w/wx goes to gsm (never) we wont see there help.

    now there are a few of us here on tc with wx's that came from the 6700. as soon as we get a rom update, to revert bact to in case of problems, we will start the cooking process ourselves. we also need the uploader and stuff that will come with an update. the only thing is you wont see it like the gsm users (xda-guys). it will take a while and may not be as advanced. even the 6700 took 8-10 months before a cooked rom and 6 months just to unlock the rom.

    i belive it will happen though

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    Great decision, though, man. I loved my 6700, but it was just not doing it for me on a day to day basis. I used to brag to everyone about all the cool stuff it could do, "it's like a little laptop!", but truthfully, if I can't get through a day without thinking, there's got to be a better way to do this, then it's not the phone for me.

    I got the 700wx shortly after it came out in September of last year, and it has been an absolute dream. You won't regret it. And don't worry, you won't even notice you're missing some screen. It's that good.
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    I too switched over from the 6700. I would not switch back since on a day to day basis the Treo is easier to live with. I do miss headset voice dialing and have gone back to two devices. I also use a Nokia 770 now N800 since I have trouble with the screen size for long emails and some web browsing.

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