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    Hi all,

    I have a few qestions on SMS, sorry if some of u already seen this in other forums. Haven't the answer yet...

    Need help how to do the following (or any apps that can do it):

    1. Can I save SMS to storage card?
    2. Can I create my own folder to save SMS?
    3. I use Sprite backup, does it also backup my SMS?
    4. How can I select multiple recipients to send SMS - without adding one by one? In UIQ, the list of contacts would pop up with a tick box beside each contact.

    Many thanks for all your help
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    Why save your SMS? if you have got a Sprite Backup, you can use it to backup all your data including SMS......
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    well, sometimes it's work related and i need to keep the info...

    anyone else have experience?
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    nobody have any experience?

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