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    I have 1200 Outlook Notes. Syncing them to my Treo 750 never completely finishes -- ActiveSync always crashes Outlook on my desktop about 80% of the way through. The notes still make it -- the ones that make it.

    But here's the biggest problem:

    The notes themselves take forever to use or navigate through. You open one up, the four-colored Windows "hourglass" cursor cycles for about 3 minutes before it opens it up. You type into the note and edit fine. You try to close the note -- again, the forever hourglass cursor. You try navigate the list of Notes (all categories are lost, it seems), and that also takes forever.

    It's essentially unusable for Outlook Notes.

    Does anyone else have experience with this, and maybe finding an answer? It's as if it has to load ALL the notes into RAM before it lets you take any action on any of them. And each time you open or close it's just painful.

    Are there other programs which sync with Outlook Notes that make them as usable as they were under Palm OS? My Treo 650 just had no problem with this at all, and thanks to KeySuite from Chapura I could save all 33 of my categories in which my 1200 notes are organized.

    If I can't find a solution, geez, maybe I need to go back to the 650? I can't believe a Windows-based mobile OS can't work with Outlook Notes for Windows.... --D
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    I noticed this also, though I don't have that many notes.
    My problem is slowwwww syncing. (See "Activesync issues-HELP" post)
    I think I'll give it another week to see if some one can come up with some help, otherwise I'll go back to the Palm OS and try a 680
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    This is definitely an issue that has never been resolved my Microsoft and most likely never will. Its just a limitation of the devices memory, CPU and the way WM handles directory structure/viewing. Just like when you open the windows folder, takes awhile longer then other folders because of the number of files.

    I had about 400 notes back in the day, same issue. Notes are just files, and not in a database structure/format. You can convert your notes to tasks or contacts and that should work. Once I switched to Mac, I converted all notes to tasks using a built in sync tool on the mac. This solved all my issues.

    I now create tasks instead of notes. Tasks can be assigned different values as well, so this makes sorting and viewing a much less intensive operation for the device.

    NOTE: Palm OS and the Palm desktop - If notes are entered in the Palm Desktop software then are very similar to tasks as then are indexed in a database style format. Again, much better then how MS does it. Lets face it, no matter how much better these devices have gotten, we still rely on Microsoft and thats NOT a good thing at all. We NEED more options for OS's on PPC devices that can still run WM software!!!!
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    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my note, which I really appreciate. I have decided to stick with Palm OS and my new 680 -- I had bought both the 680 and the 750 in order to figure out which would better meet my needs.

    Outlook Notes functionality is just huge for me -- 33 categories, 1200+ notes -- I use it as my (electronic) memory, being able to dial in any word and do a "mental history search" in the way that dialing a word into Google Desktop searches your whole PC for that term.

    The inability of Microsoft own Mobile OS to work with Microsoft Notes is surprising and disappointing. A friend told me the original Microsoft Mobile OS couldn't handle Notes, but said that was a few years ago, and basically told me the other night "no way they haven't fixed that yet." Well, they haven't. And that's too bad. I would have been happy to migrate to their OS.

    Given how imperative this one feature is for me, I guess I'll keep cheering on Palm OS. With every passing year, I stack more of my life and memory into Notes -- so the notes keep building (color-coded, even), and the categories in which they live keep growing and also refining. I'm very grateful to KeySuite by Chapura for making a program that can handle all my categories (and then some), can carry over Notes colors from Outlook, etc., and basically provide 1-to-1 compatibility between Microsoft Outlook and my Treo.


    Thank you again for the perspectives. --David Gardner
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    Good luck with sticky notes, not the best solution overall, but whatever works for you. I wouldn't quit on the Treo 750 based on my response, there may be a fix out there for you. No matter how you cut it, WM5 runs circles around Palm OS. Quick note: be sure you backup your outlook... Outlook has a limitation on capacity of the personal mailbox folder. I have had many clients loose tons of data or have to rebuild outlook to resolve a locked database issue.

    Hey... Ever try a mind mapper software package? You might find that more appealing then sticky notes.
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    I'm using PhatNotes Personal. It supports Outlook categories and takes seconds to sync over 600 notes I have.

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