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    after a while of researching i finally find that the 700wx is pretty much awesome and i would love to have it. so i go to get it with my mom today for my birthday. well, im not getting it, or a new phone.

    here's why. they want me to buy the phone with my $75 upgrade credit, which makes the phone $575. thats WAY too much. i personally think the $300 is pricey but there is no way im paying $575. so i try to get it on the new plan price by explaining to them that if i add something to my current contract (such as the unlimited data) they start me on a new contract. they agreed, then i said that that makes it a new plan, and they agreed. so i said that since its a new plan, why can't i get the phone at the new plan discount. they said i have to add a line, i said they are stupid. then we left.

    and i've discovered a way to get it for $500, which is still too much, but here's how, cancel my current contract for $200, then 2 seconds later make a new one, allowing the phone to be $300, meaning i pay $500.

    anyways, does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the phone for the $300? or any ideas as to something i should get for my birthday? im turning 18, i could buy some porn, but there is plenty of that for free on the internet, so im at a loss on what to get.
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    Call up retentions (by calling Sprint and say 'cancel') and threaten to leave Sprint because the phone you want is too expensive. Tell them you can get the 700w at verizon for $249 (that's a fact, see here:

    This is a common way to get the phone for $400 with a 2 year extension. YMMV of course.
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    if you say the 299 with verizon. thay may just give it to you for 299. many on this site have got it for that price.

    another thing is with sprint. when and if you cancell, you cant get another contract (resign) for 6 months. other wise everyone would be doing this.

    i would call retentions. first i would search this site and learn how and what to expect from retentions. has worked for me many times this year. 700p, 700wx. in fact i just called retentions and said i was pissed that may contract was extended when i made the retentions deal and no one told me. thay removed my contract extentions and moved it back to the time i started with sprint.
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    I'm selling my 700w on ebay right now with a bunch of extra crap. It's going for less than $200 at the moment so I'm sure you could find one for a decent price and with no contract it will help you get through the next year or so until you can buy the latest greatest at a contract price.
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    take your time with retentions, if you have alot of complaints, list them, I was able to retain my free data/unlmtd txt going from a T650 to my T700WX, even though the plan i have wasn't intended for a EVDO phone. if your not sucessful, or dont like their offer, go right ahead and hang up and try again!
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    thanks guys i'll have to try it
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    Get rid of the current plan if you can and go with SERO?
    Palm Treo 700W with Verizon PDATP Plan.

    Palm Treo 700WX w/ SERO plan

    Love both
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    send me a pm. I might have an idea that would work
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    Quote Originally Posted by ACHlLLES View Post
    Get rid of the current plan if you can and go with SERO?

    That is the plan... then put in for the rebates... my 700wx is going to be AT MOST $150.... lol....No way in heck I would pay $500 for a phone... won't ever happen.

    Get it for $$299 on SERO site then put in for the rebates....
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    My 700WX was $49.99 after rebates... no joke.

    2 year contract, nothing special.
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    how'd you pull that off?
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    New 2 year contract through

    They may still be running the deal, I think its through the 17th or something of this month.

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