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    I posted the below in the 750 section but thought I'd post it here as well.
    still looking for a solution!!!

    "Hello everyone,
    I am experiencing activesync problems that I haven't seen addressed
    yet. I wonder if I am the only one.
    My situation:
    I need to sync with a work computer, a home computer and use Exchange server for mail only.
    I have 2090 contacts, 1552 calendar entries, and 193 notes.
    I can set up on one computer and after the initial sync, go through the day and add entries within outlook and then sync at the EOD. This sync takes only a couple of minutes.
    I then go home and try and sync with my home computer.
    This sync has been taking HOURS!
    I can reverse this scenerio and it will do the same thing only in reverse.
    If I wait the couple of hours to sync at home and then return to the work computer, this sync will also take hours!
    I can't figure out what my issue is. Palm tech support has been of no help.
    My Cingular rep switched out my phone thinking I had a bum one.
    Same issues with the new phone.
    I never had this problem before with my Palm OS Treo 600.
    I had even more entries on this phone at the time of the switch!
    Currently I am still using my 600 and Chapura as a data back up.
    I keep having to hard reset my 750 or delete all my outlook entries each time a tech support guy tries to help me out.

    Can any one here help me?????"
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    Just thought I'd post to say Palm Tech support level 2 finally helped.
    It seems Tech level 1 had the wrong directions (repeatedly!!!)
    Fix was simple.
    Start with a virgin phone.
    Make sure both versions of Outlook on both computers are the same.
    Sync phone with 1st computer.
    On 2nd computer start with a blank Outlook for all info you want to sync.
    You can do this by creating a new folder, name it "contacts2" etc.for each of the data types. Follow the data types pull down. It's logical which choices to choose. Cut and paste existing data into the new folder. This will give you the default "contacts" folder empty.
    Now sync the phone with the empty Outlook.
    Once both computers had the same data base and file structure, syncing between them was very quick.
    The only slow time was that initial sync with the virgin phone, about an hour.
    I hope this helps someone in the future!

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