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    Just got the 700wx. Need a WM replacement for Acid Image Pro.

    I used AI Pro to vew faxes. They come to my Exchange Server as .tif files, then are emailed to me.

    WM5 doesn't know about .tif files.

    Is Resco Photo Viewer the appropriate replacement on my 700wx for AI Pro so I can view my faxes on the 700wx?
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    Can't TCPMP display .tif files? I've never tried it, but it is listed as a supported filetype.

    Also check out this thread.
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    Thanks Hannip. I did the search thing but didn't turn up that thread. I have an answer now.
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    Belated "for what it's worth" comment: I got Resco's Photo Viewer.
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    id recommend XnView Pocket freeware

    editops just saw belated...sorry
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    I'm going to try the post-belated suggestion.

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