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    I would like to know if there is a way to receive my professionnal email on my treo 750?
    The problem is that my professionnal emails comes by a webmail or by a vpn and Outlook.
    On my phone I am using the Visto client provided by my operator.
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    You should be able to. The 750 comes with Microsoft Outlook email where you set 6 business/personal email accounts. Are your from the US or Europe?
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    I am from Europe.
    I can receive my gmail (and other personnals "pop") emails without any problem.
    But I can't receive the ones I need a vpn to access them on my laptop (by pptp).
    In the network settings there is a vpn configuration but it doesn't seem to connect after my configuration.
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    VPN is typically needed by a laptop, and it's possible that you won't need it with the 750.
    Answer these questions (just like I had posted in another thread)
    Does your company support Exchange?
    If so - Exchagne 2003?
    And do you use Outlook Web Access?
    (based on your original post, I'd assume all that, but just want to verify).

    If the answer to all those is 'yes', then you can set up your device for instant push, and you can ****-can that crappy Visto client, and use the device as it's intended to be. I'm talking about Exchange ActiveSync - EAS.

    Answer those questions above and then we can go from there.....
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    well ok - i just decided to paste in my text from the other thread. Raphael25, if you have OWA, then all the pieces should be in place.

    How to set up Exchange ActiveSync:

    Launch the Active Sync app on the device - Start/Programs/Active Sync.

    Hit the menu button and select 'Configure Server'. Then enter the following:

    First screen:

    Server Address: (put in your OWA URL - like, - or whatever you use on your laptop to get into OWA)

    (do I check the SSL box?) YES

    Next screen:

    User Name: (Your Windows NT User Name, just like you use on your laptop)

    Password: Your Windows NT password

    Domain: Your Windows Domain

    (do I check 'Save Password' - ?) Yes, unless you want to enter each time you check mail

    Do I need to do anything under the advanced tab? NO, don't go there, leave the defaults.

    You can go into the next screen and modify the various settings for Email syncing, calendar, etc, if you wish.

    And that's it. See what happens.
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    Thanks for your help JohnnyMac.
    I don't have access to OWA.
    I just have a webmail and an outlook access (with VNC if I am ouside my company's wall).

    (I will keep your explanations for the OWA stuff because I hope that one day, they will install it )

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